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LW300F is the popular XCMG loader, the updaged edition of ZL30E (LW321F). With the features of maturity and reliability of the old model, LW300Fis improved all round, and leads in the same kind of product. LW300F adopts metal cab and hood, and electrophoretic coating. The machine features high efficiency, strong power, long service life and comfortability, and is applicable to various conditions.
Great strength
Tilt cylinder bore of 160mm, enlarge the boom cylinder bore from 110mm to 125mm, and increase the boom lifting force by 29%.
12-ton strong tilt drawing force guarantees the outstanding adaptation to various tough conditions.
7-ton strong boom lifting force ensures various operation methods of high intensity.
High efficiency
The adopted 125 work pump features large displacement, strong oil supply, and the total time of three devices is only 10.3s.
The turning radius is only 5420mm, short running distance, fast loading speed, saving the fuel and high efficiency.
Single pump distribution, load-sensing steering, large flow, enough power, simple and high efficiency.
High strength
Heavy load design. The front and rear frames adopt box type, featuring thickness and high intensity.
The key structural parts adopt finite-element analysis, ensuring the adaptation to various dangerous working conditions.
Long service life
The key articulated positions feature two-stage dust-proof, less abrasion and longer service life.
Wear resistant blade and bucket teethfeature longer service life.
The hydraulic pipe adopts 24° cone and O ring, settling the issue of leakage.
Easily worn oil pipe is equipped with the protective bush, prolonging the service life.
High factor of full bucket
Long bucket bottom, sharp bucket type, easily cutting in, much material.
Lessen the opening angle, reduce the section, easily push in and lift.
Convenient maintenance
The independent chamber design of the hydraulic oil tank return circuit guarantees the conveninence of the maintenance.
The hood adopts the large side door of sliding upward, featureing large opening angle, and more convenient for access.
The classic dead axle transmission features maturity, stability, and easy maintenance. The parts are easy to replace.
Comfortable operation
The cab features luxury decoration, large space and excellent visibitity.
The adjustable seat features comfortability and elegance.
Key breakthrough in the leading level of the industry.

XCMG starts the vehicle manufacturing technology first in China; including metal cover part and electrophoretic coating, and featuring high residual value.

Rated load3
Bucket capacity1.8
Dumping height2892
Dumping distance1104
Max. drawing force≥120
Max. traction≥90
Dimension (Length × Width × Height )6905×2470×3028
Operating weight10
Boom lifting time5.65
Total time of three devices10.3
Min. turning radius (bucket outer)5925
Rated power92
Travel speed I Gear (Forward/Backward)0~10/14
II Gear (Forward/Backward)0~16/25
III Gear (Forward)0~21
IV Gear (Forward)0~35
Boom  Parameter
Bucket capacity1.5/1.8
Rated load2.6/2.6
Dimension (Length × Width × Height)7127×2470×3028;7226×2470×3028
Dumping height3253/3200
Dumping distance1051/1142
Operating weight10.2/10.2
Attachment  parameter-grasping grass
Dumping height2948
Dumping distance2036
Clamp body width2200
Max. opening2800
Attachment parameter-clamp(III)
Dumping height2551
Dumping distance837
Min. circle diameter590
Max. opening1700
Attachment parameter-side dump
Bucket width2650
Dumping height(straight/side) dumping2725/3524
Dumping distance(straight/side) dumping1109/175
Lifting height(straight/side) dumping4980/5928
Attachment parameter-Sliding fork
Fork folding angle17.2°
Attachment length1575          

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